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How to get root permissions on Sony Xperia Z

By Unknown on Saturday, April 6, 2013 0 comments

In the Unix/Linux world the term root, whose often speak many geeks, indicates the maximum permitted user (or privilege) for system management. For instance is the Administrator of the Windows world. These privileges, smartphones with Android operating system, are not natively as constrained by the manufacturer.
A constraint that is applied to prevent software problems hardware and inexperienced users may cause during your customizations. To obtain root permissions you need to perform a procedure (called rooting). Today I will explain how to do it on the new Sony Xperia Z, Japanese giant smartphone.
root Xperia Z
The procedure is simple, yet complex in several steps. The only requirements are a device withlocked BootLoader, the Root software downloadable from this page, the Recovery TWRP(*.apk) and software Sony PC Companion, a set of tools and applications to use when you connect your device to a computer.
Let's Start ...
The first step to take is the installation of Sony PC Companion after which connect your smartphone and wait for approval. Completed the steps reboot your PC. Extract the file on your desktop now *.zip containing the software for the Root. With your phone connected to your PC settings, options that are triggered from the developer, the usb debugging mode.
After installation of the second part of drivers run the RunMe.bat file obtained from the previous extraction. And the ms-dos window choose the third option by pressing "3" on the keyboard followed by the Enter key. Follow the on-screen instructions. As soon as the Sony Xperia Z will restart the root process is finished.
You can then install the Recovery by transferring the *.apk file TWRP on the phone agreeing to grant permissions. Once the application has started click on Install Recovery and wait for the end of the process. To verify the correct installation the machine will reboot in recovery mode.Select reboot to return to everyday use. Finished!

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