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How to delete widget On Android Phone

By Unknown on Sunday, March 31, 2013 0 comments

You are on your first experience with a smartphone Android and one of the things that you have hit most of Google's operating system are the widgets that you can add to the home screen such as to keep tabs on news, weather, contacts etc., then if you have installed many and now want to remove or delete widget on your android phone.
Don't worry, I know you did not understand well How to delete widgets on Android, I'm here today is to give you a hand to learn this new thing. If you agree, then, take five minutes of free time and let's see together how to delete unnecessary widgets that don't need more from Android and its home screen.
how to remove android widget

If you want to learn How to delete widgets on Android why your phone's main screen is full and it is very slow to load, there is no need to actually uninstall the widget from your system, simply delete them from the home screen. To perform this operation, you do not have to do is put your finger on the widget you wish to delete and press and hold for a few seconds until you feel the phone vibrate.
At this point, do not remove your finger from the screen of the phone but drag the selected widget to the Remove button that appears at the bottom of the home screen and the spring. Puff! The widget is no longer on the main screen of Android but can be reset at any time by following the procedure to insert the widget on the home screen of the phone.
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If in addition to erase them from the home screen of your system you want to delete widgets on Android by removing completely their software from your phone, you must take some step but always very simple. You must start theAndroid Market, pressing on its icon in the home screen, press the Menu button on your phone and select my applications in the lower part of the screen.
At this point, select the widget to be removed from the list of installed applications on your smartphone and almost appearing before the Uninstall button and then OK to complete the operation. With this procedure, the selected widget is completely removed from your phone and can no longer be invoked on the home screen of Android until you reinstall.
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