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PicShop: Android Spectacular Photo Editor Review

By david bennington on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 0 comments

Today i will explain an excellent application that I recommend for your smartphone or tablet. I talk about PicShop that unlike what the name suggests you don't need to purchase beautiful photos but to make the fine adjustments. But before i explain what is the good things that picshop have you can read about snapseed for android .

PicShop Review

I know that now there are many software and applications that make it very easily with many features but with PicShop you have a bunch of filters and effects , and a variety of frames and toys to be applied to images.
pichop android review

The application allows us to edit photos taken with both the camera and those of Facebook. Of course you can take photos even from the application itself. After using the bar at the bottom will be able to access corrections, those usual for instance, contrast, saturation, brightness, cropping, red-eye, color, focal point, fish eye and rotation.

Passing the filters are the filters gallery style Instagram, defaults, with various effects to apply to photos, the preview shows us a picture with the effect already applied.
how to use picshop on android

Passing the frames arrive to add funny photo frames, but there are also more serious ones if you want to tag your Bureau Chief in a photo on Facebook.
photo editor for android

The most creative part of the application is tied to the Extras where you choose a variety of effects, like the eyes of animals, hats, faces, wigs and so on. You can also create original frames and written on the photo.

The application is really very pretty, a complete photo editor that will even entertain you. Why not try it?
Download Picshop photo editor

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