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Monitor calls and SMS on Android with "Phone Fee Assistant"

By david bennington on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 0 comments

Many Android users have on their mobile phone line options to use, through a weekly or monthly fee, calls and text messages at no cost. Most of the options offers as TIM Young of yours truly a limited number of SMS you can send and a limited number of minutes of calls.
Assistant Telephone Expense
To avoid does not fall within the limit imposed by the switch, it's good to keep under control the SMS sent and the number of minutes of calls made. For this reason, today we want to tell you an application which aims precisely to count automatically SMS sent/received and the minutes of calls made/received. The application is called Telephone Shopping Assistantand is available in a free version Store Play.
The application offers three screens: the relationship through which you can monitor text messages and calls, in reference to the limit by the US entered in the settings; Graphic through which you can monitor text messages and calls with convenient charts; Settings in which you can enter the minutes and SMS provided by option and even the day you rinnovaMonitoriamo call statistics and messages on Android with "Assistant telephone spending" in order to reset the counters.
After days of testing, the application was perfectly stable and precise in the count of SMS and calls, which is why we decided to modern Smartphone game. There are, finally, that has a very nice graphics, minimal and clear and that is fully localized in English language. If you are interested, you can find the badge to the Store in order to make the download.
Download Phone Fee Assistant from playstore

Title Post: Monitor calls and SMS on Android with "Phone Fee Assistant"
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