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Complete Guide to Increase Battery Life On Android

By david bennington on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 0 comments

The latest Android smartphone are veritable power, monsters have quad core processors that reach the performance of PC a few years ago, have Full HD display larger and now so many functions that get lost once on becomes a mission almost impossible.Of course all this technological development has brought on the market even grandiose batteries, with several thousand mAh that never make the risk to the consumer to remain "lifeless" your buddy!
Of course, the last sentence was a little provocative, in fact it seems that the producers of these fantastic gems have forgotten that in addition to the power and all the amazing features (sometimes unnecessary) that we see lately is the most important thing for a mobile device, that is just one fantastic part which is called battery!Have a so-so on a latest generation smartphone is like bragging rights to have a Ferrari but not use it for more than 100 yards because we cannot afford the petrol, so a total waste.
I would say though that I have gone to this introduction and it would be time to start the real article devoted to how to increase the battery life of your Android smartphone (the Guide should be good for the tablet).I would like to point out that the following tips/tricks are replicable by everyone, in fact you will list programs are completely free!

GO Power Master-Battery Saver
This program is available in both the free version and paid, but I have always used the free version I consigliarvela without the slightest doubt because enough already of his to perform all those functions necessary to energy saving.
I don't want to do a review of this application because there would be really a lot and would be a very long article, then this app being downloadable from all without spending a dime you can try it yourself to get an idea of its potential :lol: .
Two words though I devote to Go Power Master and its functions:
  • You can set your own rules, deciding what to keep active connectivity and which are not
  • You can choose to turn off the 3 g and Wi-Fi when the display of the phone is switched off, really smart and really saving a lot of drums
  • There is indicated the duration of autonomy (in real time)
  • There is also a widget, which you can change on the fly the way and you can also close all applications (which have remained in the background) via a small button present on the right side of the same widget
There are a myriad of options and as I told you I won't go into too much detail, but I assure you that this little program will help you a lot during your day!

Power Toggles

unnamed (1)
There is not much to say about this utility either, except it's a widget that is used to enable/disable on the fly the various connectivity of your device. There are many options here too, and you can also change the appearance of the widget.It also fits in the notification bar, so it's always at your finger :happy: .

In order to have greater autonomy are not enough for the programs listed above, but there is also need of user's smarts!In fact, there are some small steps that once adopted will help, but in addition to these there are also errors (which until recently committed myself) to avoid absolutely!
Let's start first with the advice:
  • Disable all non-essential connectivity: bluetooth, gps and 3 g only when strictly necessary
  • set the auto-brightness or as low as possible (of course there is no need to exaggerate and stare with eyes attached to the display to be able to see anything, but make sure that there is a fair compromise between the brightness of the display and the light of the environment in which you find yourself, then there is less light and less the screen needs to be bright)
  • the length of time synchronization for the various applications that are used more frequently and completely remove synchronization to all others that you don't feel are fundamental
  • only use widgets that are strictly necessary, so as to allow the phone to get a better flow and not having to stress unnecessarily the processor
  • uninstall unnecessary applications
  • replace the Wi-Fi to 3 g since the latter need a lot more energy
Here are the mistakes to avoid:
  • don't play or make phone calls while your smartphone is charging because everything will heat excessively, resulting in increased use of energy
  • don't wait as long as the battery is almost at the limit for charging but foul when his level of charge is approximately 30% on (I don't mean you have to do it exactly when you get to 30%, but let's say that the moment around which would be ideal reload its battery)
  • is healthy for your battery to a full charge once a month, which means that when the battery is less than 20% up to 100% – this helps to better calibrate the battery
  • try to always use the original charger, otherwise the battery may be damaged
  • never leave your smartphone to charge for more than 10 hours (obviously to get a full charge takes 2-3 hours, so why let it past this time?)
One of the most serious errors, in my opinion, is just the latest (not that the precedents are not), in fact I always I tended to leave the smartphone charging the whole night, and within a few weeks my indifference to the poor battery led me to having to change since I could no longer make even 4-5 hours in a row without charge!

If everything I said above does not even cover them all, the only solution that remains is to replace the original battery of the smartphone with one of those.
As you can see from the photo above, I on my old GS2 I 2000 mAh battery , and I have to say that the battery life is really improved much compared to what I had with the 1650 mAh.
A site that I can recommend to buy one of these batteries is Mugen Power since there is a wide choice and the quality of the products is very high :wink: .
Not all smartphones have a removable battery, so to remedy this drawback, the only option is to buy a laptop battery.
On the internet there are dozens of them, but if I have to give you personal advice I offer those of having proven a (Turbocharger 5000) that left me a great impression (I use it today).

Surely I'll forgot some details, but I think I will still be able to give you some advice useful to increase the autonomy of your Terminal without having to spend a penny (obviously you need to pull out a few euros if you intend to change drums or a portable comprarvene :angel: ).
If you feel you have any advice please do not hesitate in absolutely do so, indeed there would be grateful!

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