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Easy Tutorial Root Acer Liquid Z110

By Unknown on Sunday, January 27, 2013 0 comments

Directly from our Blog, here come two exclusive tracks that do not appear nowhere else but in our virtual. We're talking guides for Root the Acer Liquid Z110 which will make you obtain the Root permissions.

All this has been possible thanks to lucky76, a developer of our Forum that has made both guides giving us the ability to publish this exclusive. Of course, remember that you should follow all procedures listed in the guides just in case you know that you can meet, because the risks are always around the corner.

Read First
ATTENTION as always, and for clarity, I take no responsibility for any BRICK * or various malfunctions of your Acer Liquid Z110 due to using changes of files and guides from me, then make proposals here this at your own risk, and I recommend eseguitele only after being sure I understand what you are doing and to have understood the meaning and having read and reread this post and the various guides that you will find.

Any erroneous commands could compromise the use of your smartphone, forcing you to send it in for repairs in assistance.

FLASH is a dangerous action and should be done very carefully.

* BRICK (brickare, brickato): literally (translated into Italian) "brick". make your phone as if it were a brick, i.e. something unusable except as a paperweight.

Get the ROOT in many cases corresponds also to Invalidate the Warranty of your Device and then evaluated well before proceeding.

How to Root Acer Liquid Z110

Pre Flash tips

1. have your own Device with battery power at 100%
2. read the guide below at least a couple of times before starting the download.
3. In settings (Z110)---> Programs--->---> Development you will need to have the green checkmark in the square corresponding to the USB Debugging.

Follow the step-by-step guide on get root access on azer liquid below:

1. Have necessarily as Windows OS (tested by me with win 7 64 bit and Windows 32 bit 8)
2. download the pack with the Tools found in the link below
3. Unzip the just downloaded into a directory of your PC.
4. turn off your Z110 and remove the battery
5. connect your Z110 to the PC via usb cable
6. The Z110 perhaps will not be recognized so you will have to manually install the drivers contained in the zip file that you downloaded and according to your operating system (Xp, Vista, 7).
7. Once you have installed the usb drivers successfully entered the Flash Tool folder and run the program to Flash via the file "flash_tools.exe". Recommended start it as an administrator with the right mouse button.
8. you will see the first line of the program Flash Tools "Download Agent" automatically compiled.
9. Unplug your Z110 USB cable and keep it out without battery.
10. Now you need to upload the file "MT6575_android_scatter.txt" and you'll have to click on the right button "Scatter-loading.
11. When you open the Windows you will find this file inside the folder going to Scatter. Select the file MT6575_android_scatter.txt.
12. Now you choose what Flash. On the bottom you will see appearing a lot written and all their boxes selected by the tick. -----> WARNING Carefully read point 13

13. you will need to uncheck all the check boxes except the box that corresponds to BOOTIMG.

ATTENTION -----> if you leave your mark on all ye esiguirĂ  boxes full of Flash Rom, thus losing the original Rom TIM. Then let the Mark only in the corresponding box to BOOTIMG

14. Now click right above the inscription BOOTIMG.
15. we will open again a Windows box and enter in the folder Images where you will find many files.
16. Now to install the new BOOT.IMG you must click on the bootADB.img file.
17. at this point you're ready to Flash the new Boot file .

ATTENTION Remember, do this flash at your own risk. Flash is dangerous and could render your Device unusable. So if you have it all figured out and you're confident and aware of what you do, continue with the steps below .... ...

18. to begin the Flash you must now click on Download.
19. There comes a warning/alert window with the yellow triangle and exclamation point that warn black English and not all images were successfully loaded .... etc.
20. tap on It.
22. now Connect your Z110 to the PC via the USB cable within a few seconds.
23. You start at the bottom gradually a line in red followed by a Yellow and finally there will be a Square box with a Circle Green inside and the word Download OK.
24. Flash the new BOOTIMG is finished.
25. disconnect the Z110 usb cable from and replace the battery inside the Device.
26. restart the Z110
27. After restarting connect the full Device to your PC
28. in the Pack that you downloaded into your PC revenue under the SuperOneClick
29. click on SuperOneClick.exe File to launch the ROOT
30. When you open the root program click on top right-----> Root
31. If you have not yet installed the ADB driver will ask you to install them obviously accepted.
32. When there comes the demand for Busybox missing accepted with you---> I install busybox to the root
33. you confirm once again.
34. Now find a new Superuser app applications.
35. to terminate the Root switch off and restart your Z110 .
36. the new buggy will need to confirm the request for SuperUser
37. the end.

Link Download full package Lucky76_Z110_tools
md5 ---> 0561107ff7a05f3c82f1fd207abb926d
Ok thats for complete root procedure for Acer liquid Z110. Please keep attention to successfully get the super user privilege you must follow all the step above.

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