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N7 Player for Android: With graphic equalizer and Integrated Album Covers

By Unknown on Monday, January 28, 2013 0 comments

If you want to have a truly spectacular android player then n7player Music Player is right for you! Reported by a user on Youtube that I would also like to thank the blogs I found this really great and complete player!

In addition to be able to listen to our favorite music organised on our playlist allows us to have a really Visual effects with tags and covers depending on how zommiamo the page. In addition we will have the opportunity to also handle thegraphic equalizer sound so set them as we like.

N7player with graphic equalizer and Album Covers

If used album cover art or other similar applications we can also uninstall them because within the application already has the ability to download the missing cover of our favorite songs as long as the Album and artist are configured well.

If we have already created playlists with other media players do not worry because the application will detect it automatically and can also uninstall the application that already utilizzavate.

It is the best music player for android which is integrated with graphic equalizer
Needless to say, this widget is also really well done and definitely treated like the rest of the application. I highly recommend you try it and see how it works. Here to follow the video where it shows how is the n7player Music Player:

Free Download n7player Music Player
Download n7player from playstore

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