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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 and ZTE Blade in 1 click

By Unknown on Friday, March 22, 2013 0 comments

Today we are going to explain how to release 2 phones in the simplest way possible. And when I link to release, I am referring to unlock the phone to use it with any company. Thus, in a few clicks we are going to teach to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the ZTE Blade in a few steps.
Are you ready? Then keep reading!


For all cases, it is essential to have ROOT access/ Yes, there is no other way. So you know, if you want to release it, you have to make it root. But do not worry, is super simple.
How you see is made in 1 click root and really worth it for many other things that you will do in the future.As I have already said several times, it is a safe process without danger. Once we are root, we will unlock phones.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2galaxys2-unlock

Simply install the application and press the button "SIM unlock code", wait a few minutes and should show a code. It may take a few minutes, so take it easy.
Once have the code, mark your calendars. Turn off the phone, insert a SIM from another company, turn on your phone and enter the code which asks us and which we have targeted.
Caution: If the code doesn't work, don't try it again, you could freeze your phone.Sometimes it seems that it has not been successful, but after a couple of reboots it works.So I try reset first ;)

ZTEBlade-unlockUnlock ZTE Blade

And we ended up with the ZTE Blade. In the same way as with the other, simply download the application and run it.

Attention! «Checks the version of your phone in settings' about phone ' build number. The generated unlock code is valid for all the updates except for the ZTE Blade compilation "ZTE-BLADEV1.0.0B04", in that case you have to use another application:

i hope this tutorial help you to unlock your samsung galaxy s2 and zte blade.

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