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List of Best widget for android To download

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If you own a smartphone Android definitely won't let you not up to date with the list of best Android widget to install. We often hear talk of the best Android apps available for free download from the market, or the best free games, but we often forget to include even the widget for Android in these lists.
download best android widget

A list of the best android widget to install must necessarily include applications for hardware control and monitoring applications.
  • Elixir the best android widget: this is an application that allows you to create fast and easy widget for each function, how they could be the ones to turn on or off the wi-fi, check the status of the battery, check the correct functioning of the CPU, and many others.
  • Quick Battery: in the list of the best android widget to install could not miss an application for the control and management of the battery of your device.
  • GoWidget Task Manager: task manager clone for PC, surely one of the most downloaded for Android. The application allows you to display the memory usage and optimize; You can close the task (programs or processes) opened, always visible on the home-screen. Task Manager is divided into three different widget: the first (1 × 1 size) shows only the memory occupied. The second (4 × 1) shows the usage in relation to the total available, while the third (4 × 2) view background applications.
  • Sysinfo: a widget that provides basic information about the device, the product name, the sdx version installed: orange bars represent the memory space used, with the percentage indicated alongside. In addition to monitor the CPU, disk space, etc. It is a very light application, that does not occupy much space on disk and in relation to the amount of information provided, is definitely one of the most useful app.
  • GO Pro SMS Widget: replaces the app Android presets and is able to offer some services.The program allows you to set the style of the messages, a list or a comic book, and the level of use: "Lite" mode if you prefer to use the app in its basic functions, or "Pro mode" If you prefer to make use of all available options.
    You can also double notifications: those that come from the program and those that originate from the task bar notifications. Go SMS presents an interface that is truly amazing: a three-dimensional cube that you can rotate to select ' face ' with options that are activated, i.e. messages, contacts/chat, and application center.
    Several additional functions: "private Box" allows you to save and protect with password your private messages, "Filter Box" allows you to filter them. Unico neo: translation from English into Italian is incomplete and inaccurate, and in fact, makes the application unusable in full only in their mother tongue.

Here's the best android widgets to organize your smartphone:

  • AudioManager: according to O'Reilly (Irish Publisher known in it) this is one of the best applications on the Market! The program allows you to set the tab that opens with a click on the toolbar or the desktop icon.
    Through the Audiomanager screen you can choose which volume lock, regardless of how you set the ring volume; You can also change the order of the volume sliders, while the various desktop icons indicate which user profile is active at a given time.
  • Organizer Widget: a widget that allows you to better manage the Android notifications.Organizes communication-related information such as: SMS, tasks, and events recorded in the calendar can be viewed and organized into a single panel, accessible directly from your desktop. By clicking on the icons of the calls, the user is returned to the application.
    Special icons indicate missed calls, events related to the last 24 hours, and the new SMS; the same elements are highlighted with a red circle with the number of elements.
  • Contacts GoWidget: thanks to this widget you can add to the home screen of your smartphone, your favorite numbers and call them with a simple touch.
  • Life Contacts: similar to Contacts GoWidget; lets you add to the home screen the pictures of our contacts and call them faster.
  • Extended Controls: allows you to access a snap Android settings, showing directly on your home screen-more than 30 switch (as 2 g/3 g, airplane mode/Silent/vibration, torch, controls on all volumes, etc.). Price € 0.79

Finally here is the best android widget for news and social:

  • Google Reader: this is the famous RSS feed reader of the Colossus of Mountain View.
  • Pulse News widget: CNN, NYTimes and Fortune Magazine are all agree: the best app for the receipt and use of news is Pulse News Widget. The application makes it more engaging read news by organizing them into an interactive mosaic. With Pulse News, you can continue to browse through the news, even while you are reading an article: selecting a build package, you can select the best sources for each category (economics, politics, sports) that will be updated every Friday.
    If you want to select the sources manually, you can fill up to five pages with 60 different sources, and share the news so easy and intuitive, through social networks.
    And when there is no internet connection? No worries: Pulse News have already proceeded to update the news when the phone was connected and now we will be able to read them with calmly even in off-line mode. Also because you can synchronize with Google Reader.
    list of android widget to download
if you want to delete it you can read my post that describe it: remove and delete widget on android 

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