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New Method How to expand Android Internal Memory

By Unknown on Sunday, March 31, 2013 0 comments

Your Android smartphone seem very slow? The provision of data and applications is become small? You should intervene and put an end to this glut of data that stationed on RAM and on the internal drive of your phone. How do you? If you want, I can give you a hand.
Follow the tips on How to expand Android memory that you find below and you'll see that immediately sensitive hardly notice improvements in the responsiveness of your smartphone. Do not promise miracles, of course, but if you act with the right decision you should be able to get more than appreciable results. Let's start now!
expand android internal memory

If you want to expand Android memory or, better said, you want to "liberate" the memory of your mobile phone, you have to reduce the number of running applications and remove all those unnecessary files that accumulate over time on the device.

To monitor and release the RAM of your phone I suggest you focus on Easy Task Killer Advanced, very advanced task manager for Android that lets you view all processes running on your smartphone and stop those that slow down performance. Includes a useful function of automatic optimization releasing independently the RAM from all unnecessary processes immediately speeding up the system.
How do I use it? Nothing could be easier. After downloading the app from Google Play Store, avviala and close the initial pressing tutorials for a couple of times the finger on the screen of the phone. Press the green button then OPTIMIZE that sits in the middle of the screen and the application will automatically optimize your smartphone's memory. If you prefer to manually action, seeing what are the processes running on Android, tap on theTaskstab, put a check mark next to the applications that you want to end, and press the button "Kill selected Apps.

Now let's see How to expand Android memory by deleting some unnecessary data from the internal drive of your phone. For this task, I suggest you rely on Clean Master.It's an app, which is also free, which automatically analyzes the content of your phone and memory card for all those files that are no longer needed for the proper functioning of Android (e.g. data left behind by deleted app, temporary files, etc.) and delete them with one "tap".
To test the ability on your terminal, download it from Google Play Store, avviala and select the type of data you want to delete: History to the history of the app, Residual Files for "orphaned" files left behind from uninstalled applications by telephone, Temp APKs for traces left by the app installation packages and Tasks to free up some RAM (but for this I recommend Easy Advanced Task Killer). Wait so that the software will scan the selected items and tap Clean first, and then click OK to start deleting files.
Clean Master works on all major Android phones giving her best on terminals subject to root (read my guide on How to root on the Android unless you know what I mean), which can operate with more freedom by eliminating more than redundant data.

Of course, don't forget that the best way to free up space on an Android Terminal is delete app that are not used anymore. Carry out this operation is very easy, just go into the menu Settings > Applications > manage applications on your phone, select the name of the application to be deleted and press Uninstall button.
Alternatively, if you have a smartphone with expandable memory via microSD, you can try to move Android apps to sd SD by following the guide that I made some time ago.

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