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Flash Stock Firmware On LG Optimus 2X

By Unknown on Thursday, December 20, 2012 0 comments

If you failed when customize your rom or firmware and everything becomes messed up you can try this tutorial for flash stock firmware on lg optimus 2X or usually known as lg optimus dual. Thanks to continuous development by the community we don't have to wait months for an official update or bugfix. However often something can go wrong, and we risk finding ourselves with a paperweight instead of our beloved smartphone. Today I will explain how to restore factory default conditions (so exactly as they have bought), the new LG Optimus Dual. This procudera is also suitable if you need to bring the service mobile.

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Firstly you will need to flash stock rom

  • LG Smart Flash utility to restore the system sevirà on the phone.
  • Lg DUAL driver to install only if you have already installed previously (if you use a 64 bit version of windows disabled driver signature checking by pressing F8 when booting the PC).
  • V10a Firmware original system software.
flash stock rom on lg optimus 2x

LG Optimus Dual Easy Tutorial to Flash Stock Firmware

After downloading all the necessary proceed with flash stock firmware process.
  1. LG drivers installed (only if you have already installed).
  2. Extract the program smartFlash in a folder and then run it with administrator permissions (in the case of Windows Vista/7) by double clicking on the file SmartFlashTool_P990.exe
  3. Turn off dual pull the battery and connect it to the pc by pressing and holding the volume down button; smartflash should recognize and locate the Terminal.
  4. Go to the tab "copy D\L Rom" and ensure that Normal Mode is selected, and that Cal does not Erase is selected.
  5. Click on the first field "CP bin" and go to load the file LGP990AT-00-V10a-NEU-XXX-MAR-02-2011 +0 _CP.fls located inside the firmware package you have retrieved previously.
  6. Click on the second button "AP bin" field and select the file LGP990AT-00-V10a-NEU-XXX-MAR-02 2011 +0-_AP.bin, which is also inside the firmware package you first retrieved.
  7. After that click on "Start" and wait until the procedure is complete, you will see the green bar with the word "Download complete"; If you receive errors or you don't see appear after several minutes any written, press the "Start" button and repeat the procedure from point 2.
  8. Finished flash Dual will restart and will appear on the screen on LG logo; at this point, disconnect the phone reinsert the battery and enjoy your LG again as fresh out of the factory
Thats it i hope after you read and follow all the step finally you can flash original stock firmware on your lg optimus 2x.

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