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Google Indoor Maps: Building maps now available in Germany

By Unknown on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 0 comments

Two weeks ago Luke in the column remnants already announced that in Germany now available the interior maps of large buildings such as airports, museums, shopping centers and so on can be uploaded to Google Maps. The start of the indoor maps seemed shortly to stand before. Since this function is now available in this country in the first places.
google indoor maps available on germany

Google Maps App helped its users especially in the fresh air, to get around, but we all know the situation to stand without orientation in a large building and want us to just a passer by Google Maps to ask. As we start the year but for CES are wandering in the hotel and casino mazes of Las Vegas us indoor maps of Google have one time or another in all the slots taken past the desired goal. Unfortunately this function previously only available in some countries abroad, but not in Germany. For two weeks, Germany building plans are uploaded to Google Maps , and as of today we can find our way even a smartphone in cluttered buildings.

So far only a limited number of buildings will be supported, in addition to the Cologne / Bonn, Frankfurt and Munich, as well as the stadium in Hamburg and Dortmund also large retail chains such as Saturn and IKEA are on the list of supported sites . Here in Berlin is also the six-floor department store KaDeWe, one of the party. Who wants to look at it in more detail at open this link on your Android smartphone with the Google Maps app and zooms in closer:

Download: KaDeWe on Google Maps

The location within the building works good, thanks to AGPS, so the triangulation of existing wireless networks. In the networks you do not have to be registered, it is enough that wireless is enabled.

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