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Move Application From Internal Memory To SD Card With App2sd And Move To SD

By Unknown on Thursday, December 27, 2012 0 comments

With the release of android 2.2 Froyo introduces a very useful feature that allows you to move applications to the sd card, freeing valuable space on internal memory. If some time ago 512 MB of space for applications there seemed almost infinite, today the weight of most modern apps (think for example to 20 MB just for Google Earth) forces us to require larger and larger internal memories.

May not even be a problem for most modern smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S that has 2 GB dedicated to applications, or for high-end ones that have yet to come out like the T-Mobile G2 that will well 4, but for smartphones with less than 512 mb is a veritable nightmare. Luckily Froyo comes to help us with the new feature that allows you to install applications on the sd card. Beware, not all applications have this feature, or because it has not been implemented yet by the developer or because it simply cannot be moved because they make use of some critical modules of the system.

Move Apps To SD Card
If you don't know which applications can be moved and which ones are not, and if you do not want to lose his head trying to move applications one by one through the normal android Manager (I assure you that very few are moveable and try them all requires enough time), I suggest you try these two apps are very similar to each other. This is App2SD and MoveToSD. These two apps offer us a very simple interface and gaunt but at the same time functional, why do nothing more and nothing less what they promise to do.

app2sd application to move apps

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How To use App2sd
App2SD and MoveToSD have virtually the same interface, and displays a list of applications that are on the phone and that you can move on the sd and vice versa. The app also offers the total system memory (sd card) and the total available to install new android apps. App2SD perhaps is more comprehensive than MoveToSD because the menu offers us the option to view the apps in alphabetical order and also, whenever we will install an app that supports the report inviting us to move it on the sd.

move apps to sd card

The two applications are available for free on the Android market, but only for users Froyo. We leave you with the appbrain link and the qrcode to App2SD and MoveToSD.

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