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NAVIGON for Android greatly reduced in price

By Unknown on Thursday, September 27, 2012 0 comments

There is again an offer for the NAVIGON navigation software. Although yes, the Google Android navigation is implemented, a lot of users are using, however, a third solution to the navigation. And since NAVIGON with the front runners. The advantage here is that it is an offline navigation solution, that does not need to navigate an active data connection.

Now the NAVIGON software in the DACH version is now briefly for EUR 37.37 to have that. NAVIGON Europe version for EUR 47.47 This offer is valid until 08 October. So who often uses his Android phone as a navigation solution, should look at this and perhaps offer NAVIGON strike.

Of course, the advantage of off-the NAVIGON navigation and nice extra features. These include information on traffic conditions, 2D/3D maps, Google search, a lane assistant, the assistant speed, radar information (previously just read if allowed), and a pedestrian navigation.


navigon price reduced

So if you wanted the NAVIGON navigation solution ever, who should strike now. Because the prices of EUR 37.37 and EUR 47.47 are really cheap for this solution. And now for the download links in the android market:


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