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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Apple iPhone 5

By Unknown on Sunday, September 16, 2012 0 comments

Yesterday yes all Apple disciples were again hochentz├╝ckt. There was once again marvel at a new iPhone, the iPhone 5 this time As always, the hype was huge, even larger than the eve of the Samsung Galaxy S3 release. But as then the disillusionment is then large. For me, the new smartphone from Cupertino is not the big throw.

Just as it did after the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is after yesterday's release probably for many the great disillusionment. Yes, there is again a new iPhone, yes, it has LTE, but otherwise? It must be said, is everything you saw it yesterday in the Android world for some time and is even partially default. Therefore, even the hard Apple disciples of the new smartphone can really be completely convinced.

The only advantage that existed for me at Apple over Android was that hardware and software that were perfectly matched. While that is still the case, but the last two smartphone models from Cupertino are not for me anymore innovative. Both smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 are more of an evolution rather than a revolution. Samsung showed surprise as you can with the GALAXY Note.


galaxy s3 compared with iphone 5 specification

Based on the above table can decide for yourself which is better now because smartphone. For me it is a matter of faith, I think, an Apple disciple can not make a tasty Android smartphone - and vice versa. Of the Power manufactures both are equally good, the design of course, the iPhone scores 5th But otherwise it is a matter of taste for which smartphone you choose.

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