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Samsung Galaxy Nexus new rumors about the Google Phone

By davis becklin on Sunday, September 30, 2012 0 comments

From next Monday is already in the month of October, which is the month in which last year the new Nexus smartphone was presented. For that reason alone it's getting hot, because this year there will be at least a device, several "sources" confirmed this year even more Nexus smartphones by the end of the year. And whether it be one, two, three or more devices, seems only times no matter, because to this day are not even known to the manufacturer, but some. At least according to insiders on the shortlist Especially has been much talk this year about LG, which hitherto remained far below its potential, with a Nexus smartphone but could certainly win back people's hearts.

Galaxy Nexus: new hints to next Pure Google Smartphone

new lg optimus nexus

Now there are new rumors from Spain by an informant with a good wire to the provider Vodafone. Here we learn that there will be a Nexus Optimus by LG, then as the Optimus 4X HD is equipped with a G and Optimus 4.7 inch display. But there's more to not have to. Good, so we could at least again a rumor that the Nexus Optimus confirmed, no more and no less.

But I'm very sure it will not take long before Google will send out invitations to the press according to the next Nexus device. Hopefully not in Korea, so it takes place in the midst of the night. ( source )

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