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Android 4.2: Fix Update Error in Play Store - How It Works

By Unknown on Friday, November 16, 2012 0 comments

A litle Bit more the Android 4.2 update will be distributed to owners of the Nexus 7th The joy over the new Android version lasted for many users but not for long. After the update, there has often been a problem that updates to apps from the Play Store with more that could be installed. The reason for this problem is not yet known, it is a solution nonetheless. We tell you how.
android 42 app update bug

Among many other users, the editors of Droid-Life had the problem that on their Nexus 7-Tablets for the OTA update to Android 4.2 No apps could be updated more about the Google Play Store. The app updates were always aborted with an error message. Trying to stopping the Play Store to force and to delete the data, unfortunately, did not help.

And what does an editor of an Android side, even if he encounters a problem and find a solution? Exactly, he wrote an article about it and asks readers for advice, as heard even at Droid-Life, only 30 seconds after the release trickled already the first few notes with solutions.

And what happens now? To solve the problem, you have to remove your Google account from the device - sync again before so fast all the data - and then re-start the unit. Next, the Google account will be re-established. After a few minutes it will take the means of Claim, the problem should be finally resolved.

Whether the problem is only the Nexus 7 after the Android 4.2 update is, or even the Galaxy Nexus is affected is not yet known - this we will find out only when the update is distributed in this country OTA. The solution, however, should be universal.

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