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How to Fix Lag Problem On Galaxy Nexus And Nexus 7

By Unknown on Friday, November 30, 2012 0 comments

With Android 4.2 Google has not only brought some great new features on the Nexus devices, but unfortunately a few unpleasant bugs: In addition to a poorer battery life is above all a noticeable lag on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 is unstoppable. To fix lag problem on galaxy nexus, there are two approaches from the community.

When Google introduced less than a month before the new Nexus device and Android 4.2, the second jelly bean iteration initially looked very good: no fundamental, but many small changes made to feel like the sweet delicacy. The disillusionment came with the update for many - not just Android 4.2 looks like pretty rushed , and it did for many owners of Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus to be a nasty lag. On my Galaxy Nexus, makes this especially in a long delay in the opening seconds of Google Now noticeable. The problems seem to be, but fortunately not too deeply rooted in the system, such as to suggest two simple solutions.

Background sync in Google Now off

Google Now is a beautiful newsreader which unfortunately synchronized constantly in the background, even when the app is not actually used - but the problem can be solved easily:

  • Open the App Drawer
  • Google launches Currents
  • Go into the Settings
  • Removed "enable synchronization in the background" on the hook

android 42 fix lag problem on galaxy nexus

The change should be noticeable even without restarting the device.

Clear cache

The OTA update of Android 4.2 seems to be a few problems with the old cache data have to - the deletion of this data can also fix the lag. The procedure differs here, depending on whether one uses the original recovery or a custom variant as the ClockworkMod Recovery.

  • Turns off the power
  • Starting with volume up and down and power at the same time the device
  • Maneuver with the volume button to recovery and select with the power button

Stock Recovery

  • When lying on his back Android is seen with the red warning triangle on the belly: press volume up and power button
  • Select Clear Cache

ClockworkMod Recovery

  • Navigate to Wipe cache partition
  • Confirm the deletion
  • Reboot System

The combination of the two methods is the lag on my Galaxy Nexus but not completely eliminated, but at least it was significantly reduced. Whether these practices as well as the poorer battery life is improved, which has kept up with Android 4.2 on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus7 collection and is well known, the Nexus 4 plagues, I can not yet judge. Here a couple of days and cycles will be needed to make a judgment can.

Could you eliminate the lag by one or both of these methods, or you have no delay in the operation found? And the battery life of your equipment has improved? Divides your observations and advice in the comments with us.

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