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Samsung Galaxy S3: update to Android 4.1.2 will bring multi-window feature

By Unknown on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 0 comments

Indisputably one of the most interesting features of the Galaxy Note 2, the multi-window feature. Through this allows two applications simultaneously open on the screen and use - no tedious back and forth. A future update will make this future possible on the Galaxy S3.

Multitasking or not, working with multiple programs at the same time was a long time on a small smartphone ordeal. Besides the annoying program change often a already tight and quickly overflowed full memory led to reload the programs and thereby frustrated. With the Galaxy Note 2 but grew not only the memory, but conveniently, also the screen, which Samsung allowed the implementation of innovative multi-window features. Here, the screen area of ​​the device is broken into two programs can be run in parallel side by side to look, for example, a video and, simultaneously, to take notes. Here's our hands-on picture for the multi-window function on the Grade 2:

Galaxy S3 Multi Window Function

galaxy s3 multi window feature
This feature was previously the models 2 and Galaxy Note Galaxy Note 01.10 reserved, so there is but for a Hands-On from Japan of a device edition now meantime screenshots, indicating that the Galaxy S3 is to get this working. The screen of the Galaxy S3 is definitely smaller than 4.8 inches of the Grade 2, but should provide enough space, at least temporarily accommodate two apps simultaneously. A possible disadvantage is that the display of the Galaxy S3 does not have the second digitizer has, which is for the precise input by means of an S-Pen necessary. This could allow the operation to be a bit fiddly.

The Galaxy S3 multi-window feature to later this winter as part of an update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean to find his way, the Galaxy S3 - stating at least the side of an Israeli telephone company from which the screenshots are from.

Can you imagine to use this feature on the Galaxy S3? Or her a note has 2 and even there you can not do much with it? Write your experience in the comments.

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