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With Photo FX Live Wallpaper Bring Your Own Photos On The Home Screen.

By Unknown on Sunday, November 18, 2012 0 comments

Presumably cavort on your smartphone a lot of shots that have emerged over time. To these images to create that special place, we can conjure up even once as a background to our homescreen.

FX Live Wallpaper Review

Yet it is very boring, and from this to just be replaced when we just feel like it. An alternative would be about a collage. And if that is still animated and then autonomously always new compilations conjures with us on the screen, then that's a real eye-catcher, right?

fx live wallpaper review

Options without end

That is what makes Photo FX Live Wallpaper. The free app comes with a lot of features and options. In no time, a lively collage is conjured, which perpetuates the best shots on the screen. Appearance, transitions and animations can be fully controlled by the user. However, if you look at the menu, the app icon, which is pretty clueless sit behind his smartphone. The settings are in fact made on the options for the home screen background.

The extensive library of effects and transitions enjoys, so the announcement of the manufacturer, will soon have some extensions, so will continue to be your every wish.

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