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Find location of the car via Park Me Right for Android

By Unknown on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 0 comments

In my area, parking is not just large enough that you will not find here his car, which looks but in large cities and in countries like the United States is somewhat different. Parked his car so you inevitably a little further away from the business, then just could forgetful people quickly forget the exact location and then have to search. For some time there with the ability to save apps to the exact location of the car, but that's with less detailed map areas not usually that simple. With the Park Me Right can be a bit easier and more convenient, especially if you ever have no idea where is the car, because here you will find your vehicle via augmented reality again.

In addition to storing and retrieving the location of your vehicle, you can also share your location next to friends. This is also shown again in this awesome video, which I have looked several times for whatever reason.

Park Me Right, there are free on Google Play store , a lot of fun. ( via )

Title Post: Find location of the car via Park Me Right for Android
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