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How to Restore iPad to Factory Default and Reset Password iPad

By Unknown on Saturday, October 6, 2012 0 comments

To restore your iPad to Factory Default so that later we can reset the password or passcode iPad, first we have to go into recovery mode, then we can use iTunes to reset iPad to Factory Default. Keep in mind the iPad reset will erase all data on the iPad, ranging from contact or phonebook and a variety of applications that have been downloaded from the App Store.
restore ipad to default

Log into Recovery Mode by pressing the Power and Home buttons simultaneously, hold until the Apple logo appears. When the Apple logo appears release the Power button (only the Power button is released, the Home button is still on tap), then you will see the words 'Connect to iTunes' on the iPad, then connect the iPad to the laptop, and run iTunes. Select the restore in iTunes and wait until the reset process is complete iPad.

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