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Sony Xperia S Tablet: sales stop for failure Waterproof

By Unknown on Monday, October 8, 2012 0 comments

What many might not know: Sony's new Xperia Tablet S is not only chic, but also water resistant - at least in theory, because in practice, Sony has stopped the sale of the 9.4 incher current until further notice, because between screen and Housing a gap has crept in, but that just lets in water.
sony xperia waterproof problem

It would be pretty annoying for all newly minted owner of a Sony Xperia Tablet S, the presence of friends and family with the feature "waterproof" would want to specify, and then if one now become known manufacturing defect could cause the device to a tangible water damage (we hope, meanwhile, that happens there is no one) - because between screen and casing of the Xperia S Tablets obviously there is a gap that can occur water.

According to Sony spokeswoman Noriko Shoji the error is the result of a manufacturing defect in the Chinese factory where the tablet is built. Now, the Japanese company has stopped as a consequence of the sale of the tablet - for how long has not yet been told. In fact, the Xperia S Tablet is available on the order page of Sony's stores no longer be ordered. A general recall was not indeed spoken, but those who already own a tablet Xperia S, which the company promises to repair the defect possibly present - run exactly as intended, but has not yet been communicated. Until further notice, Sony recommends the way to keep the device away from water ...

Worldwide, Sony has so far sold about 100,000 copies of the Xperia S Tablet, the company is currently still not believe that the cost of any repairs or rather the cessation of sales will have a significant impact on its financial results.

Waterproof or not, we have the Xperia S tablet at the IFA 2012 failed the first hands-on pretty good - here again Mr Daniels first encounter with the 9.4 inch:

What do you say to production errors and stop the sale - scandal or a mishap that can happen to anyone now? And owners of the Xperia Tablet S are among us? Have you ever experienced problems with water permeability of the tablet?

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