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TubeMate: YouTube videos download via Android App

By Unknown on Monday, October 29, 2012 0 comments

Those looking for an easy way to download YouTube videos to its Android smartphone or tablet, search no further. With TubeMate we present a convenient app, thanks to which one can with sufficient video feed supply via download on the go.

Transit times to enjoy a few quick YouTube videos, smartphone users can quickly bring this country to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Either because the videos forever to load or need because the streams bring the Vordrosselvolumen the so-called data tariffs of mobile phone contracts to melt faster than a Mini Milk hothouse of Berlin Zoo. The wise head makes before and invites his YouTube videos in good times now (the faster wireless connection) to them in bad times (when there is no Wi-Fi) to enjoy. An Android app , with which you can easily download YouTube videos, we'll show you now: TubeMate.

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How To Use Tube Mate

tubemate video downloader

After launching the app you are greeted by a note in Spanish. Can not irritate - the actual tool is self-explanatory and translated into German. With TubeMate is more or less a wrapper for the mobile YouTube site, with an integrated search and a little (verschmerzbarer) advertising. The app can also "only" use for viewing and logging in addition to its own Google or YouTube account.

download youtube with android app

Once you get in TubeMate moved to a single video page, you can antappen the "wobbly" green arrow. The user is asked if he wants to download the YouTube video or anscheuen. After selecting "Download" different possible formats are presented for storage.

What quality should choose? We recommend for archival purposes and to Highres-tablets like the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity option 1920 x 1080, for other equipment of the upper class, you can safely select the second highest option, since a HD video would be playing otherwise scaled down anyway. User weaker androids access to even lower quality settings - which resolution is optimal depends on the screen resolution and how much memory and battery power you are willing to invest - play Highres material naturally eats quite a lot of power. Who needs only the audio track, such as a piece of music selected, logically, "Download MP3". One click and you're done - the video from reaching the device.

youtube mate download

Whether and how the videos are played depends of course on the Android device. In most cases, however, should be already the Gallery app to play in the position. Otherwise, for example, is MoboPlayer a good choice.


As an alternative, and for some users even easier way to download YouTube video from android, you can also submit the regular YouTube app simply by using Google. You can see a video in which the download is required, just click on the "Share" icon and select the entry TubeMate. Immediately to the user format selection and download facility will be presented - simple as it gets.

About TubeMate settings can be set, you still directories where the files are saved - but the defaults are adequate.

Conclusion: TubeMate is a handy little helper that its purpose - perfectly fulfilled - the video download from YouTube. Who wants to start with and the new YouTube app can not have, even has a perfect substitute for Google's own application.

Is the download of YouTube videos via TubeMate legal?

The download of YouTube videos is a legal gray area. In normal watch a video in the browser, the video will technically also downloaded from YouTube. That YouTube is not the direct download as file serving is obvious, otherwise the law finally exploiters are up in arms. Therefore, you will also not TubeMate in Play store, but must be downloaded as an APK over several smaller stores like GetJar. We assume, however, that downloading the videos for private use remains at least not illegal.

Download Tubemate App

Download: TubeMate (free) at GetJar 
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