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Samsung GT-N5110 note with 7 inches?

By Unknown on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 0 comments

Samsung GALAXY Note has a new well in the works. For now, the Samsung GT-N5100 and Samsung GT-N5110 got the DLNA certification. The GT-N series is we all know that the Samsung GALAXY Note. So presumably it here between the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 and the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 will be another models.

Samsung will probably get a Samsung GALAXY Note with a 7-inch or larger display, that would be exactly the right size to between 2 and the GALAXY Note GALAXY Note 10.1. However, that is not occupied by hand, such a model would make sense in all cases. Because that Samsung could finally end his unsuccessful GALAXY Tab episode.

Then maybe coming to the new Samsung GALAXY Note model would of course well the current software on the Samsung GALAXY note 2. This is probably by far the best currently in the Android world. Therefore, Samsung has probably considered this segment to fill again with a new GALAXY Note model.


GT N5100 and GT N5110 DLNA Certification

Well let's see what Samsung has since back in the pipeline. The GT-N series is indeed subject to the grade models, so it is in all probability a new Samsung GALAXY Note model. We will wait and tell you of course, if this new model will be presented by Samsung

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