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LG Nexus 4 release on 29 October?

By Unknown on Thursday, October 11, 2012 0 comments

Apple sued Microsoft and its competitors like no two other companies in this industry, but the fights of course. Now you can, agree that the following information, the boys from Redmond mess once so orderly the day. On 29 October is officially introduced the new Windows Phone 8, which will finally provide the upswing, because Microsoft runs iOS and Android still behind only chance. Now is just on this day but yet another event is planned, calculated the direct competition with what you would like to compete yes Sun also correct, or at least keep up.

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To confirm CNet and a French newspaper the event on the new LG Nexus 4 for 29 October. That very big day for Microsoft and Windows Phone. Voices the rumors, then there certainly still bad blood. A chance it will not be for sure. Incidentally, on this day also starts the annual All Things D conference, which will feature, among other things Andy Rubin as speaker. Here, too, expected the first info on the new Android as well as the new Nexus devices, as they are every year.

Thus fixed, should that on 29 October in any case, we look at new things from the Android world and get it Windows Phone 8 event either way is likely to be dwarfed.

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