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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini now available for preorder

By Unknown on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 0 comments

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is the little brother of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3, and now pre-order in German lands. But how much you have to pay for the mini-S3? And the unit is worth it at all?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is already an unprecedented success . Since it is only understandable that one of the brand "Galaxy S3" would continue to capitalize and a smartphone releases that sold as compact brother of performance cars. Many journalists, including my colleague Frank are of the device but not enthusiastic, one is tempted to assume a little Samsung Etikettenmogelei.
samsung galaxy s3 mini

Finally, the Galaxy S3 Mini has not the "real" S3 a great deal in common, at least in terms of the built technology. With the Galaxy Ace models 2, S2 and S Advance Samsung already has three units on the market, all of which play in a similar mid-size league as the mini-S3. If one were to the S Advance miss an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, you would have almost the same device.

Anyone who wants to grab the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini despite these objections can pre-order the device most recently, at the price of 379 euros currently at Cyberport and Amazon. A delivery date is not yet known.

A purchase order or recommendation, however, we can only express limited - this is the moment for these specs, the price is still too high. By comparison, the Sony Xperia P costs about 100 euros less in features such as more internal memory and a better camera.

You can read more about galaxy s3 mini on galaxy s3 mini official release


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